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The Most Wanted Wines range helps wine drinkers discover some of the world’s most wanted grapes and regions. Lip-smacking, slick-looking, easy-drinking wines at the best value you can get.

Simple in our approach, but never basic; we favour a no-nonsense attitude to describing what’s in your glass. Straightforward chat and everyday food and wine combos to help all wine drinkers get the most out of what’s in the bottle. Or can. Or box.

Make wine easy. Make it Most Wanted.

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Showtime Shiraz

Ask any self-respecting wine lover to name an Aussie wine region - chances are you'll get the Barossa Valley as a response. And as BBQ season is now in full swing, it seems a fitting occasion to discuss one of Barossa's finest - we're talking Shiraz of course. Say hi to our all new Regions Barossa Valley Shiraz - already a hit at Most Wanted HQ. As part of our…
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How well d'you know your Albariño?

Hands up if you know your Albariño from your Sauvignon? Spain's signature white grape is not as well-known as we like to think. First things first, it can be a bit more pricey than your average white. A small production area and therefore small volumes keeps costs high and guarantees a very specific style of wine - it's loved by sommeliers and hipsters alike for the exact reasons we've mentioned…
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Five Reasons to Drink Wine from a Can

Ok, so we're biased. And we do love cracking open a bottle on the odd occasion. But cans! Join the revolution folks, you've seen the hype, now it's time to find out what all the fuss is about. You can take a tinny anywhere Within reason. We're talking beach, picnic, barbecue, festival, camping - you know the drill. Long train journey? Canned wine is your friend. It's convenient, easy to…
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