Chardonnay Bag In Box

Chardonnay is one of the world’s best-loved white grapes and one of its most versatile – it hails from Burgundy where it reaches icon status (and prices) but is happy growing in most wine producing regions around the world.

Our Australian Chardonnay is miles away from the big, oaky 90s styles that gave this easy-going grape a bit of a bad rap. Ours is crisp and refreshing with absolutely no oak, making it a perfect pairing with lighter meals, white meats and seafood. Forget what you’ve heard, you need to try this.

Our bag in box is 2.25l (three bottles if you need help with the maths) which keeps for up to six weeks once opened. And did you know these boxes of wonder have a much lower carbon footprint than the same volume in standard glass bottles? And you can recycle the box with your cardboard recycling and the bag with stretchy plastic. Win win!

Geek Fact: Chardonnay is one of the three grapes used to make Champagne (the others are Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier in case you were wondering).