Shiraz Bag In Box

Legend has it that the grape variety originated in Shiraz in the Persian Empire then made its way to France and from there throughout the world. Anyway, legend-smegend, we’re just glad it found it’s way to Australia and is now firmly the country’s most iconic grape variety.

In some countries, Shiraz is known as Syrah, which can mean a lighter-bodied style, but ours is a big old fruit bomb that shows off the grape’s best assets without being too heavy. And now you can buy in a handy party-sized 2.25l Bag in Box…

Our bag in box equates to three bottles of wine which can keep up to six weeks once opened. And did you know these boxes of wonder have a much lower carbon footprint than the same volume in standard glass bottles? And you can recycle the box with your cardboard recycling and the bag with stretchy plastic. Win win!