Regions Albariño

Our Regions Albariño is a real favourite at Most Wanted HQ but this little grape may not be on your radar thanks to a relatively small area of production and low yields (which also can make it a bit pricey).

Although it’s also grown in Portugal, USA and Australia, it’s the Rías Baixas region in Galicia, north-western Spain that champions this thick-skinned, storm-loving grape. The Atlantic Ocean is close by, bringing cool breezes and plenty of rain to this verdant corner of Spain.

And that’s where we get ours from. It still has that classic peachy, grapefruit flavour, but is a little bit rounder and richer than some others, meaning it’s one of the most versatile wines for pairing with food. Fish, salad or even spicy Indian and Asian food – it all works!

Geek Fact: Galicia gets more annual rain than Manchester. That’s a good thing.