Pinot Noir

  • Grape:Pinot Noir
  • Home:Hawkes Bay / New Zealand
  • Style:Light bodied / Smooth
  • Taste:Plums / Cherries / Hint of oak
  • Food:White meat / Duck / Chinese dishes
  • Awards:2016 vintage: International Wine Challenge - Commended; 2014 vintage: International Wine Challenge – Bronze / International Wine & Spirit Competition - Bronze
  • Lifestyle:Hawkes Bay 2016 vintage: vegetarian (contains egg)/ Nelson 2016 vintage: vegan. 2014 vintage: non vegetarian

Hawkes Bay – situated on the east coast of the North Island – is a Pinot Noir grape hotspot. They are delicate and tricky to grow, but this region is seriously sunny with 2188 average hours per year versus 1493 in the UK.  Combining lots of sun and fresh sea air makes for very happy grapes.

So that’s exactly where we get it from. Like most Pinot Noirs, it’s a lighter colour than many other reds, but this particular one is especially fruity, with some prominent plum and cherry flavours. It makes the drinking as happy as the grapes.

Our advice is to get yourself a lovely roast chicken or duck and get pouring. In fact, because of its lightness, it also works very nicely indeed with fish.

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Geek Fact: Pinot Noir (a red grape, obviously) is one of the main grapes used for Champagne, along with Pinot Meunier (red) and Chardonnay (white).