Regions Picpoul de Pinet

Let’s get a couple of things straight. Picpoul is the grape. Pinet is the place it comes from: a wine producing area in the Languedoc region that cosies up to the Mediterranean. The sea’s so close, some say you can taste the salty tang in the wine. And when it’s this good, who are we to argue?

Picpoul has become a bit of a thing, thanks to its crisp, mouth-watering flavours. It’s big on citrus zest and Granny Smiths and it’s just the thing when you’re gasping for a sundowner. Swipe right for grilled fish and seafood and you’ve got a perfect date on the cards.

Geek Fact: Picpoul is French slang for ‘lipstinger’, a nod to the grape’s mouthpuckering tang. DIY botox it is not.