Sauvignon Blanc Box

Given that it’s one of the UK’s favourite wines, you’ve probably come across Sauvignon Blanc before. It is grown everywhere from France to Chile and lots in between.

Ours originates from New Zealand, which benefits from endless hours in the sun and a coastal climate which helps develop the distinctive crisp, gooseberry tang. And it’s exactly that tang that makes it pair so brilliantly with seafood and Thai flavours.

Our bag in box is 2.25l (three bottles if you need help with the maths) which keeps for up to six weeks once opened. And did you know these boxes of wonder have a much lower carbon footprint than the same volume in standard glass bottles? And you can recycle the box with your cardboard recycling and the bag with stretchy plastic. Win win!

Geek Fact: The Sauvignon Blanc grape is used in white Bordeaux, as well as Pouilly-Fume and Sancerre in the LoireValley.