Sauvignon Blanc

  • Grape:Sauvignon Blanc
  • Home:New Zealand
  • Style:Dry / Zingy / Crisp
  • Taste:Citrus / Passion Fruit / Gooseberry
  • Food:Salads / Seafood / Thai dishes
  • Awards:2017 vintage: Silver Medal IWSC 2018; Global Sauvignon Blanc Masters Bronze Medal 2018
  • Lifestyle:2018 vintage: not vegetarian, 2017 vintage: not vegetarian.

Given that it’s one of the UK’s favourite wines, you’ve probably come across Sauvignon Blanc before. It is grown all over the world in France, Chile, USA, South Africa, Australia etc.

Ours hails from New Zealand, which benefits from endless hours of sunshine and a coastal climate that helps develop the distinctive crisp, gooseberry tang.

And it’s exactly that tang that makes it pair so brilliantly with seafood and Thai flavours.

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Geek Fact: The Sauvignon Blanc grape is also used to make white Bordeaux, as well as the famous Pouilly-Fumé and Sancerre in the Loire Valley.