Legend has it that the grape variety originated in Shiraz in the Persian Empire, then made its way to France, particularly the Rhone region, and spread throughout the word to be grown in Chile, South Africa, USA and New Zealand. Anyway legend smedge-end, whatever happened we are happy it made its way to Australia and is now firmly the country’s most iconic wine.

Our Shiraz comes from South-eastern Australia which is a massively important wine region, responsible for producing the majority of the country’s annual production.

In some countries Shiraz is known as Syrah, which can mean a lighter bodied style, but ours is a big old fruit bomb that shows off the grape’s best assets, without being massively heavy.

Geek fact: Shiraz was one of the original grape varieties brought into Australia, with some vineyards dating back to 1843, meaning the country has the world’s oldest Shiraz vines still in production.